Qintar Microfinance Murabaha

 Qintar DeFi aims to deliver microfinance opportunities for underbanked people, who are not knowledgeable on the crypto market.

The concept is designed in a way where the lender is the token holder, and the process of Murabaha takes place through local banks or authorities as the poor individuals in developing countries do not have access to means of technology.

Qintar Ecosystem Explained Watch

Qintar Islamic Peer 2 Peer Modaraba

The Liquidity provider is a token holder who wants to make an investment through linking his wallet to the platform, and the borrower is the one who requests “Modaraba” (capital) through the platform. With the proposed peer to peer lending platform, both individual and commercial-scale Islamic financing support can be provided. However, the Modaraba opportunities won’t be available for any prohibited business activities according to Islamic concept, such as gambling.

Qintar Modaraba Pool Q_MP

Investors can connect their wallets with “Modaraba” investment pool.

The goal of our pool is to create a community-owned fund that helps its members earn high-interest rates by providing capital to various liquid DeFi instruments according to the concept of Islamic Finance.

Qintar DeFi ecosystem is a comprehensive platform where both the liquidity provider and borrower beat equal amount of risk and fair share of profits.

  • Microfinance for unbanked individuals
  • Murabaha investment pools
  • P2P Murabaha capital
  • No fees

Qintar Token TOKEN

The very first Islamic DeFi token is available on Ethereum blockchain.



Max Supply

One billion tokens. No elastic supply.

Private Sale
$1 = 168 QIN
Public Sale
$1 = 100 QIN
Listing on Uniswap

of Tokens

of Funds


Q1 2020

Idea and Research

Q2 2020

Foundation Layer

Q3 2020

Conceptual Framework

Q4 2020

Platform Prototype

April/May 2021

Private Sale

July 2021

Public Sale

14.August 2021

Uniswap Listing

September 2021

Liquidity Mining Release

December 2021

Product Beta Release

Q1 2022

Platform Launch

Built on Built on

Team Team

Joe Barzaq
Linda Klimenko
Noor Alrayes
Smart Contract Auditor

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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Islamic Finance is against predatory lending of the pure capitalist financial institutions. However, Just like conventional financial systems, Islamic finance features banks, capital markets, fund managers, investment firms, and insurance companies.
Islamic Finance has become an increasingly substantial segment within the global financial market. It has been recognised as a viable and competitive form of financial intermediation, not only in Muslim countries but also outside the Muslim world, and offering a wide range of financial products and services.

The main objective of the Islamic Finance is promoting both economic and social welfare. In other words, Islamic Finance fulfils social obligations that go beyond the conventional capitalist worldview aiming at only maximising profits.

Yes of course, anyone can have access to Islamic Finance. It is an economical concept, not a religious concept.

It is a microfinance for goods, equipment, and various items that can be used for handicrafts, or whatever item that can contribute to help someone to be a bread earner.

Almost everyone is eligible. However, the essential idea is to offer finance opportunities to the ones who have no access to credit lines

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A financial alternative similar to a concept of venture capital. The liquidity providers are token holders.

You can benefit from this project in two ways: You either fund someone's else project in exchange of an agreed profits share based on smart contract. You can post a project on the platform with all the necessary information and seek Peer 2 Peer Modaraba

Anyone can benefit from this. However, the project should comply with the Islamic rules. For instance, the islamic roles forbids gambling, and alcohol.

A form of financial contract in which the investor entrusts money to a financial manager any profits and losses are shared between them in an agreed manner based on a smart contract.

Investors can connect their wallets with one or several “Modaraba” trading pools. There will be different types of pools. And the trading related transactions will involve trading robots. Robots use the most advanced trading algorithms to mitigate the risks of trading and to maximize the profits.

• High Risk Pools: include high volatility assets • Medium Risk Pools: include medium volatility assets • Low Risk Pools: mainly include semi-stable coins and stable assets

Yes, the product is available to everyone

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